‘c’ is for ‘courage’

Well, here I am. Back to blogging. Welcome to my brand-spanking-new blog!

I started out blogging for our local paper when I was pregnant with my daughter, AJ. It was a weekly deal where there were several writers. After about a year, our two papers merged and I decided it was a good time to stop writing for the blog. I enjoyed it, but since my scheduled post-date was Mondays, I often found myself desperately trying to think of something to write about at 10 p.m. Sunday night. Sometimes, I even had to DVR my precious Downton Abbey so I could get my posts finished. I felt even more pressure as the other writers seemed to be drifting away. I also worried a lot about my writing style and grammar. It just wasn’t fun for me anymore.

But, I missed blogging. I’ve always loved to write, but becoming a parent really got me into blogs. As a new mom, there was something soul-healing about being able to share the ups and downs of my experience with others, even if it was just online and I was just reading their posts. I wanted to be a part of the conversation. Starting my own blog seemed terrifying though. What if people don’t read it? What if I sound stupid? What if I’m sharing too much? What if I decide I don’t like it and I want to quit?

2016 is officially my year of courage. Of doing things that scare me. I think my biggest fear is that I will start this blog, decide not to do it, and quit. But so what? If people like it, it’s highly unlikely I will quit. And if zero people read it? Then no one will notice if I do quit. And even if someone does notice…why does it matter? We all do things and fail. ‘Tis far better to try and fail than to not try at all, right?

So here it goes. My own blogging experiment. I guess I will call this a “lifestyle” blog because while most of my posts will likely focus on average millennial parenting, I want to keep it open so I can blog about whatever comes into my genius little mind (dangerous – I know). I hope at least one other person besides my mother and father will enjoy this.

Welcome again and happy reading!


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