Easter weekend recap


You never know if Easter is going to be 70 and sunny or 45 and rainy around here. Lucky for us, the weather was great this weekend. Our families don’t have any big traditions around Easter, but we celebrated by going to church, checking out an Easter festival and eating a delicious lunch with family. AJ even managed to find a few (empty) Easter eggs.


AJ thoroughly enjoyed the bubble machine at the festival but was not impressed with the Easter bunny or the balloon-animal-making clowns.

The Easter bunny *almost* forgot to visit our house but luckily I he remembered and was able to put together a basket in time. Not that AJ would know the difference. But one of my college friends (one of the best gift givers) sent AJ an Easter basket so I felt like I better step my game up.

IMG_1609It ain’t perfect, but it’ll do.

By trying to make it to church early Sunday, we managed to get there just in the nick of time.


I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to warmer days and green leaves on the trees!


One thought on “Easter weekend recap

  1. Natalie says:

    AJ’s Easter basket looks perfect! I especially like how there’s no candy to be seen. We only assembled baskets for our kids on Easter morning, and they may have contained some coloring books that Dorian got for Christmas when he was too little to remember. 🙂


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