AJ reading a book

our favorite books

Every night before bed, we read AJ a book. Or, more often than not, bookS. The girl loves to read. And she knows how to stall. Reading is one of my favorite things to do with AJ though, so I don’t mind. We usually end up reading a few books throughout the day as well. AJ normally has three or four books she likes to read consistently. Here are our current favorites:

Are You My Mother?
P.D. Eastman

Ahh, one of the classics. We’ve been reading this book every night for the past several weeks. It’s the book she likes to read right before I turn out the light.

AJ reading a book

My First Colors: Let’s Learn Them All!
DK Publishing

AJ has loved this book for a long time now. When she was younger, she would point at an object and we would tell her what it was. Now, we try to point out the different colors. She says most things are ‘lellow’ but she’s starting to learn blue, green and purple. She likes to hold her baby doll, clad in purple clothing, up to the purple page and say, “Bable!”

I do have a strong suspicion that they just downloaded a bunch of stock images and threw them in the book to make it. There are the most random objects in there…like a crochet elephant??

The Little Mermaid & Beauty and the Beast

These two were my books when I was little. They are actually huge books, like 50 pages, and the text leaves much to be desired (it doesn’t even match the movies!). But the illustrations are true works of art on every page, and I’m sure that is why AJ loves them. We don’t even read them to her, she normally just looks at the pictures. Chris taught her to say, “No!” to Gaston. I skip the scary pages in the end.


reading or playing peekaboo?

Pajama Time!
Sandra Boynton

We end up singing this book most of the time. It’s a cute, fun read. We were singing the words from the book one evening while getting AJ dressed for bed (parents really are so embarrassing) and she ran over and grabbed the book. Even though she can talk a bit and understands almost everything we say, it never ceases to amaze me when she remembers something or communicates exactly just how much she knows.

Chu’s Day
Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex

This is a pretty cute book. Chris and I really get into the sound effects, which makes it that much better. This book will hold a special place in my heart forever because it is the first book that AJ “memorized.” And by memorized, I mean the pages where the only word is ‘no’ or ‘ahhh.’ Now, when we read it, she will “read” those pages and I will read the others.

So, those are our current read-every-day-and-night books, all of which were gifts besides the vintages. We are still going with mainly board books after AJ ripped a few pages out of my classic Disney books. Since we end up reading the same book all. the. time. I’m always on the market for new ones that will entice a toddler to forgo her much-loved “muhmay” novel. Suggestions for a 20-month-old?





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