my capsule wardrobe experiment

Capsule Wardrobe Graphic.jpg

When I first heard about capsule wardrobes via Pinterest, I was immediately intrigued. Not for me though, I thought. Too much work, I thought. But the more pins and posts I saw, the more I wanted to try. You see, lately, I just haven’t been that satisfied with my wardrobe. Maybe because, no matter if you get back to your pre-baby weight or not, things just aren’t the same after you’ve had a baby. Clothes fit differently, and at least for me, my style changed.

I landed on the blog Unfancy after Googling capsule wardrobes. Blog author Caroline does a great job of explaining a capsule wardrobe and the purpose behind it, but basically you dress with only a limited number of pieces (36 or 37 is most common) for three months. And you don’t go shopping during that time. Your capsule does not include work out/lounge clothes, pajamas or bathing suits.

The goals of a capsule wardrobe are to 1) Eliminate clutter 2) Make it easy to get dressed in the morning 3) Have you feeling confident and beautiful in every outfit you wear 4) Save money by shopping less and purchasing quality items that will fit well and last long.

As Chris knows, I LOVE a good closest cleanse. So here we go. I’m doing a spring capsule wardrobe and used all of Caroline’s tools for guidance. During April, May and June I am going to try my hardest not to shop and to wear a limited amount of clothing.

The first thing I did was print off the free wardrobe planner and use it to outline my wardrobe. Charting out my lifestyle activities was really helpful in determining what I need (okay, maybe I don’t need that new cocktail dress).

Cleaning Out and Shopping

After going through all my clothes (yes, I did take out every item in my closet including shoes), I realized I was missing a lot of the basics. So, I was able to do a littttllle shopping. Chris said this whole thing is just an excuse for me to shop, but I say I would have shopped anyway, so at least this time I am focusing on things I need rather than just what pops out at me.

I didn’t give away any clothes (yet), but decided to reserve one part of my closet for my “capsule” items and packed away some of my out-of-season items.

My Capsule

I ended up with 40 items -16 tops, 10 bottoms, 5 dresses and 9 pairs of shoes. You can see some of the main items from my capsule on my Pinterest board. If I couldn’t find the exact item but something similar, I captioned it “similar.” I’ll try to keep adding items from my capsule to the board.

spring capsule wardrobe

a few of the items from my capsule (via Pinterest)


I was seriously lacking in the neutral top department, so this is where I added the most new items. A new jean jacket, black tank and white blouse did the trick.


Dress at my office is casual; everyone mostly wears jeans. Before I had AJ, I hattteeddd wearing jeans or really pants in general. I was a dresses and skirts all the time kind of gal. But jeans are really useful when chasing around a toddler, so over the past year I’ve gone from owning just a couple pairs to enough to last me more than a week. So I included my favorites in my capsule. I bought a pair of black structured shorts for warmer days too.


I didn’t add any special occasion items to my capsule. I did include a few dresses that are appropriate for a work, date night or a wedding shower. A couple skirts made the mix as well.

I have been looking for a black, casual dress for the longest time. I wanted something that was sleeveless to make it work for summer but also long enough to wear to work. Since I had already purchased other items, I was looking for a quality piece but also wanted to save some $$. I ended up finding a great one on Thred Up. I’ve sent a bunch of stuff in and purchased items with my credit for AJ before, but never anything for myself. I found exactly what I was looking for on the site and since I had enough credit from items I sent in, didn’t have to pay a thing! Yatzee.


I didn’t buy any new shoes to fill my capsule but conveniently, the husband recently gave me a pair of Tieks ballet flats that I am. in. love. with. I would wear them every day. I almost do. I hardly ever wear stilettos but I do enjoy wedges, so my shoes consist of mostly flats, a few wedges and one pair of heels.

capsule outfit

boom. capsule outfit, complete with awkward pose. (most outfit items linked on my Pinterest board). sunnies borrowed from Chris 🙂

I’ll keep you updated throughout the next few months on how closely I stick to the capsule wardrobe rules. I can tell you just putting the capsule together has already made such a difference; it’s definitely been easier to get dressed in the morning and I’ve left feeling confident, put together and comfortable every day.


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