snow in april

…the worst. But, even though it did snow almost all day Saturday, I didn’t fall into the depths of despair as I feared I might. Constant checks of future weather (sunny and 75 soon!), cooking experiments, house projects and of course time with the little one served as more than ample distractions to what was going on outside.

A surge of inspiration hit me at the end of the week and I decided to go to the grocery store Friday night so I could spend the weekend trying some new recipes. On weeknights I normally plan for simple dinners because I know I will likely be too exhausted to cook a complex meal and I would rather spend that time doing something with AJ. Side note – I really hate going to the grocery store on Sundays and it felt SO nice not to have that to-do hovering over me.

I made this recipe Friday night for Saturday morning breakfast (minus the buckwheat). This was my first experience with chia seeds and I’ll be honest, they did not look appetizing to me, but didn’t have much taste and didn’t bother me. The chocolate pudding turned out decent but I must have missed something with the coconut because it seemed thicker than it should be.

chia pudding

Dish presentation is not my strong suit but it tasted good enough so that was alright with me. I was hoping AJ would like it but she was not impressed.

I baked these power muffins Saturday morning. I’ve made them before so I knew they would be good. AJ gobbled them right up.

Power muffin recipe

My parents took AJ Saturday afternoon so Chris and I could tackle a home project. We had planned to stain our deck and do some yard work this weekend but…snow. DIYers we are not but we accomplished mounting and hanging this:


Chris bought me this map for my birthday last year which means I’ve had it for more than a year and it’s been sitting in the box the whole time. I have a slight obsession with maps and I’ve been dying to hang it but we couldn’t figure out how. It is actually wallpaper and three separate panels. This tutorial came through on my Bloglovin‘ feed a while ago and I immediately forwarded to Chris with the title “HOW TO MOUNT OUR MAP!!!!” It seeeeemed easy enough but was pretty difficult in practice and didn’t turn out perfect but one of my favorite sayings is “done is better than perfect.” (Or finished, if grammar is your thing.)

On Sunday I was back at it in the kitchen and made a delicious brunch recipe c/o one of my favorite food bloggers Iowa Girl Eats.

IMG_1734Spinach, avocado, sun-dried tomato and home fries skillet

We played a little hide-and-go seek and did some cleaning and straightening up around the house. Sunday afternoon was nice enough for some sidewalk chalk and last but not least on my food list, I whipped up a strawberry smoothie for AJ. Wild times, I know.

IMG_1731.JPGIf the toes didn’t give her away, the giggles would have

It will probably be a long time until I try this many new recipes in one weekend but I do find myself getting more inspired food-wise the warmer the weather gets.

How was your weekend? Anyone else see snow?


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