WV food truck festival

First, please just let me share what we found in our basement tonight:


OHMYGOD. I’m surprised we didn’t wake AJ up with our shrieks.

Anyway, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

We went to the West Virginia Food Truck Festival this weekend and the weather was perfect, the food was great and we met up with some new friends! AJ starting squealing and jumping around the minute we got there and she realized we were going to be “ow-si.”


I sampled a bacon-jam BLT and fried pickled cucumbers from a food truck called Gritt’s Gourmet and gobbled them both up. Chris got a pulled pork sandwich and spicy chicken teriyaki. AJ stuck to her usual “nacks” of string cheese and Goldfish.


We brought our blanket and chairs and camped out for a couple hours. There was a playground at the venue so AJ was in her element.


She was loving the tire swing and kept saying, “Weeeeee!” I, on the other hand, was about to hurl.


We tried to drag AJ away from the playground so we could experience the festival but she kept responding with, “No, pay!” and stern points to the slide. We finally convinced her to check out the corn hole boards.


Future tailgating champ in the making. Her daddy is proud.

We were glad for the chance to enjoy a hot spring day with friends. AJ absolutely loves being outside and it’s great to know she can hold her own at an outdoor event.


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