AJ lately


AJ is almost 21 months old – aka she will be two before we know it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with her! We see changes in AJ each day as she grows, learns and advances. Toddlers may be wild and crazy, but we are truly having a blast. So I don’t forget…here are some of the funny/sweet/crazy things AJ has done or said lately.

— I was driving home from work with AJ in the car, just minding my own business, eyes on the road, and suddenly a large object flew by me, grazing my shoulder on the way to the dashboard. AJ had THROWN HER SHOE AT ME. I probably should not have reacted, but when I looked back and saw a devilish smile and bare feet, I lost it and laughed harder than I had in a while, which of course made AJ laugh too.

— You know you are a millennial mom when your child grabs your phone, holds it front of her face and says, “Teeesee.” Yep, that happened.

— AJ has started singing. I’m still holding out hope that some recessive good-singing-voice gene has planted itself in her but I’m sorry AJ, it’s not likely. She took the cake this weekend when she started singing Country Roads like the true West Virginian she is. I think it is in our blood. In reality, she has a book with the lyrics (shout out to ‘Aunt’ Liz for the gift) and it’s been one of her must-reads lately. But when she started singing, “woaddss…homeeee…paacceee,” in that little toddler voice, it literally brought (one of us) to tears. You just made your daddy’s life, AJ. Not that you hadn’t already 🙂


— Toddler language is the best. Even when you can’t understand it. AJ jabbers full sentences and sometimes I have to just nod my head and say, “Mmhmm, good job honey!” One incident had us particularly puzzled as she kept pointing to the fridge and saying some sort of gibberish very urgently. Finally, after a few minutes, we realized she was saying, “Popsicle.” 😐

— Speaking of toddler language, it is hard to pick my favorites of things she says but a couple are: “Ny ny Mayee, ny ny Tayta” (night night Major, night night Petra – to our dog and cat), and “Not nice!” (most often to things like drawers when she gets her fingers stuck in them).

— Ring Around the Rosie has been her favorite game for a while now and she is very adamant that you not only play it with her, but you play it correctly. Meaning everyone must hold hands, sing properly, and fall down. If you try to shortcut one of these steps you will get a stern, “No, No!” and directed via points as to where you went wrong.

— Meals with toddlers are a unique experience. AJ likes everything dipped in ketchup, from chicken nuggets to apples, and prefers to hand her discarded pieces of food to me rather than keep them on her plate. She’s unpredictable in her taste; in the same meal she refused to try a crepe but ate several thick slices of onion. To each their own, AJ.

I could go on and on and on but I’ll leave it there. As I already said, she changes every day and I’m trying to soak it all in and enjoy every moment as best I can!




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