When I wrote for our local paper’s mommy blog, my “Mommy Fails” series were by far my most popular posts. My hope is that this is because I’m not the only one who is sometimes just trying to survive. Anyway, I figured it was high time for some mommy confessions:

  • Chris was forced to buckle and give AJ a popsicle at 8 a.m. one morning in order to get her in the car so he could get to work on time. Why? Because while rummaging for something in our kitchen, I pulled out our popsicle making kit and left it on the counter. When AJ saw it, a complete meltdown ensued. Never leave the popsicles in eyesight! Rookie move, Kel.
  • Guess which one of these I put on my face:


  • Grandma confession – AJ loves bubbles, as many a toddler do. When we were at my parents’ house one Sunday evening for dinner, the light shimmered through the back windows and AJ started to happily exclaim, “Bubbles! Bubbles!” Nope. Dust.
  • Although we try really hard not to swear in front of AJ, this weekend I uttered a not-so-ladylike phrase, which AJ promptly repeated. Of course, every time she says the word “sit” it could be mistaken for said phrase…
  • I sing a song to AJ every night before bed. That is, I sang a song to her every night. Until last week when she said, “No sing, mama” and proceeded to “sshh” me. When I kept going (just to see what she would do), she put her hands over her ears. Ouch, AJ. Ouch.
  • I discovered Snapchat filters:IMG_2066


At least I can do hair.



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