summa summa summatime

Summer is finally here! …Unless you prefer to go by the actual summer solstice and not by the arrival of Memorial Day Weekend. We prefer the latter. Summer is my absolute favorite season. Give me the 100 degree, sticky, sunny days forever. I love fall, enjoy winter until mid -January, and refresh in the first warm days of spring. But summer is muh season. The sound of crickets around 9 p.m. as the sun sets fills my heart with sweet nostalgia like only a summer night can bring. Not to mention summer is the best time of the year in our city.

Nothing like a toddler running around to make you feel like you need to take a vacation day to recover from your long weekend. As expected, the holiday weekend FLEW by and I can’t believe I’m sitting here and it’s Monday evening and I have to go back to work tomorrow already. I am p.o.o.p.e.d.! Anywho, here are a few highlights from our weekend:

I decided to take Friday off of work so I could stain our deck. I have never stained a deck in my life but at least my mother told me the proper steps and materials to use. In fact, she offered to help me but could not this particular weekend and so of course I decided this was the weekend it MUST be done. I spent Thursday evening cleaning the deck and thought I would get the actual staining done while AJ napped on Friday. Couldn’t take that long, right? HA! Long story short I managed to complete about one third of the deck during her nap and ended up having a breakdown Friday night to which Chris responded by finishing the project for me, including going over most of what I had done because apparently deck staining is not among my many talents. Blessed is the husband that puts up with me.


After (taken late evening as I was writing and realized I needed an after picture)

On Friday night we met up with some friends at Live on the Levee, a free concert series every Friday of the summer in Charleston. Needless to say, AJ enjoyed running around with her buddies and staying up past her bedtime.

Saturday and Monday we hit up the pool and it was glorious. We had pretty great weather all weekend. AJ wore herself out to the max both days, again hanging out with her little friends and avoiding naptime.

Chris’s parents came into town and stayed with us Saturday night and AJ lovvved it. She was go go go go all day long until right before bedtime when a fall on the sidewalk resulted in one scrape on one little middle finger. She’s had a few tumbles, including busting her lip pretty bad, but she has never lost it like she did after this. The poor girl literally screamed herself to sleep. She refused a band-aid as well which meant every time she brushed her finger the rest of the weekend hugs and tissues had to be close at hand. But she was not too hurt to insist that her baby doll have a “boo-boo sticker.”

Sunday evening my parents watched AJ and Chris and I went to dinner and to Moth Mainstage. We weren’t sure what to expect, our only experience with the concept coming from an episode of Girls (and Chris hhaaateees Girls), but it was quite entertaining. I laughed; I cried.

We ended the weekend with a cookout at my parents’ house where AJ was treated to quesadillas and cupcakes.


Exploring for bugs

I hope everyone had a wonderful and reflective Memorial Day Weekend!


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