the best day of my life


Rebecca Devono Photography

I always thought my wedding day would be the best day of my life. Well, June 2, 2012, was not the best day of my life. 


I could never have guessed what marriage was really like. It’s hard, to be sure, and full of unique challenges (worthy of their own blog post), but it’s so worth it.

London, 2013

Marriage is waking up early on a Saturday morning to the light coming in our bedroom and feeling an absolute, complete joy knowing you’re beside me. It’s lying awake at 3 a.m. after feeding our newborn baby girl and hearing the calm, sleepy breathing of all of us mix together. It’s my heart bursting as I watch our daughter hold your hand and walk to the swings on a sunny day. It’s embracing all the adventures and challenges of life with someone who has your back, is on your side, and would do anything to see you smile.

Emily Ferguson Photography

Being married to you makes the ordinary extraordinary. Our “milestone” days have been fun, crazy, memorable and often stressful, but are not what I think of when I think of the best day of my life. The best day of my life keeps happening. It is a random day when we are in the midst of our regular, day-to-day life and all of the sudden it just hits me, “I can’t remember being more happy than this.” It’s the days where we end up laughing until we cry. It’s the days where we embrace a calm existence, and consequently grow a little closer. These are the best days. These are the moments that make up our life together.
I love you, Christopher. Happy Anniversary.

Rebecca Devono Photography


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