when your daughter turns two

When your daughter turns two,

She wakes up in your bed. She had a fever the night before, and needed some extra snuggles.

You turn on Sesame Street while you take a shower. You remember when showers were short and rare and filled with the sound of new crying.

When your daughter turns two,

You take her to her preschool picnic. She meets her new classmates. You watch her discover sandboxes.

She smiles at you when it’s time to go and holds your hand on the way out.

When your daughter turns two,

She asks you for “roni-cheese” for lunch. You make her the box kind and you eat it together.

While she naps, you bake her a cake. Because you may have to make macaroni-and-cheese from a box, but you can make a damn good cake from scratch.

When your daughter turns two,

You spend the day with her. It goes by too fast. Before you know it, the grandparents arrive armed with presents and hugs.

You make tacos for dinner because it’s currently her favorite meal.

When your daughter turns two,

You open presents. She gets toys and clothes and books and gadgets. 

You eat cake and ice cream. She sings along to the Happy Birthday song. She eats the sprinkles first, picking them off one at a time. She still needs a little help scooping ice cream.

When your daughter turns two,

You never take enough pictures. Even with phones and tablets and nice cameras, you never take enough pictures.

You don’t rock her to sleep. You did that when she was one. Now, you tuck her into her big girl bed, and you kiss her goodnight. You lay in bed with her for a while; you don’t have to sneak out of the room like you did when she was small.

When your daughter turns two,

You contemplate how fast the seasons change. You think about her first day of school, and then you stop thinking about that, because the bittersweet feelings are too strong.

You don’t get through the day without crying just a little. After all, it was only yesterday she turned one.

That’s what you do, when your daughter turns two 🙂


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