snack time – with and without a toddler

Snacking without a toddler:

It’s mid-morning, and you’re hungry. You walk into your kitchen and rummage through your cabinet and fridge. You make your snack, sit down, and eat, likely scrolling through your phone or reading a magazine while you do so. Total time: 5 minutes.

Snacking with a toddler:

It’s mid-morning, and you’re hungry. You ask toddler if she would like to go upstairs for a snack. She responds, “No.” Ten minutes later you finally convince her to take a break from playing and eat a snack.

Since you haven’t used the restroom since you woke up, you decide to take the opportunity now. You spent approximately 1.5 minutes in the bathroom and walk into the kitchen to this:

You kick yourself for leaving the child lock on the cabinet unlocked.

As you get the vacuum and start cleaning up the mess, toddler pulls Nutella out of the cabinet. You kick yourself (again) for not locking the cabinet child lock immediately.

Give toddler Nutella on graham crackers because it’s the only item you can find (you needed to go to the store two days ago). The trash is full, so you take trash out.

Come inside and find toddler like this:

Take a picture. Toddler wants to see picture. Toddler thinks her mess is funny and slams her Nutella-covered hand on the table and smears it around. You use approximately 10 paper towels to wipe off her hands enough for you to trust her to walk to the sink without getting Nutella on everything in her path.

Your stomach growls and you realize you never got the snack you set out to eat in the first place. Grab a bowl of cereal because it is the quickest thing to put together.

Sit down with your bowl of cereal.

Toddler says, “All done! Down, please!”

Total time: 45 minutes. And that’s a short snack time 😉


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