Because I can’t get enough of reading and hearing about the cute and funny things kids say, here’s a few of our own to add to the mix:

Talking to her Elsa doll…
AJ: “Cute dress! Ariel bought it.”

After I explained that the thing on the back of Elsa’s dress was a cape…
AJ: “Super girl Elsa!!”

At the park…
Me: “What do squirrels eat?”
AJ: “Doughnuts!”

Thankful for this…
AJ: “I’m shy.”
Me: “About what?”
AJ: “Kissin'”

My reaction to something she showed me…
Me: “Cool beans!”
AJ: “Me no eat beans; I don’t like them.”

Fighting over a diaper change…
AJ: “No!”
Me: “Yes, ma’am!”
AJ: “No, ma’am!”

Sitting on the front porch of her grandparents’ house in the country…
Chris: “What are you doing?”
AJ: “Country livin’.”

In the midst of a tantrum…
Me: “It’s time to act like a big girl.”
AJ: “No, I’m a baby now!”

As Chris and I are eating chocolate ice cream after putting AJ to bed and we hear the pitter patter of tiny feet in the hall…
Chris goes upstairs and puts AJ back in her bed with a kiss.
AJ: “Daddy get chocolate on my face?”


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