bump update – halfway there

Technically I’m more than halfway. But who’s counting? (Me. I’m counting.) This pregnancy has gone by incredibly fast and incredibly slow at the same time.

How many weeks? 21.5

Cravings? With AJ, I craved ice cream and milkshakes, along with salads with Ranch dressing and beef every now and then. This time around, I’ve been craving breakfast pastries, salads with Ranch (again) and apples. But, the biggest thing is I’m just hungry all the time. At least twice a week I wake up and have to eat a midnight snack.

How was the first trimester? My first trimester went fairly smoothly. Although I had a lot more nausea than my first pregnancy, I never vomited. But, I’ve had indigestion, gas, acid reflux, or some sort of digestion issue pretty much every day in this pregnancy. In my first trimester, about the only thing I could eat was bread, so that left me feeling bloated and weighed down. I also was extremely tired and tried not to feel bad about taking naps and resting when I needed to.

Weight gain? I don’t remember exactly, but I think I am pretty close to the same weight I was in my first pregnancy at this point. With AJ, I weighed myself at the same time every week and kept a running list. I hardly weigh myself at all now! I’m definitely in maternity clothes now but my maternity jeans are still a little big, although I’m way past fitting into my regular jeans.

Symptoms? I’m in the “honeymoon” trimester of pregnancy, so not much is going on. Most days I forget I’m pregnant! But the little guy never fails to remind me – I love feeling his little kicks. I’m emotional at times. I’ve had a bit of round ligament pain but nothing compared to my first pregnancy. When I’m on my feet for a while, my ligaments and back will start to hurt. I had acne problems all through my first trimester and into the second, but that seems to have subsided (crossing my fingers). Mostly I’m just worn out by early evening each day and need to sit down.

Looking forward to? Getting out all our old baby gear and cleaning it, assembling it, and getting the house in order! Although we still have a ways to go, there is a lot I want to do before the baby is born, and I realized I should probably get started. I’m telling myself not to wish away time, but I can’t help but to look forward to late spring and summer. I also can’t wait for the moment when baby boy’s kicks are big enough for AJ to see them. You can feel them right now, but AJ doesn’t have the patience to sit around with her hand on my belly.


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