international women’s day

In light of International Women’s Day, here is a little “mantra” I wrote for myself, as motivation and in celebration of being a woman 🙂

I am a woman.

I am proud of who I am, all parts of me – the strong, the vulnerable, the feminine, the non-feminine, the emotional, the physical. God made me great; He made me exactly how I am supposed to be. He knows what He is about! The world needs my strengths and my weaknesses.

I will not let anyone tell me to stand down, to be quiet, to sit still. I will not fall victim to the lie that female traits should be hidden or disguised. I will not accept that I deserve less because of my sex.

I will not believe the lie that my life must fit into a certain mold for me to be “successful” or happy. I will not let anyone tell me that they know what is “best” for me – I know what is best for me. I am proud to be a wife and mother. I am proud of the women who chose not to be.

I will love without reserve, expose my vulnerabilities, and be a decent human being – because that is what the world needs. I will respect my fellow human beings. I will try my best to be brave, and to teach my children how to stand up for what is right. I will fail, often. And then I will cry, maybe have a glass of wine, rely on the support of those who love me, and try again.

I thank God for all those women who came before me and I will do my best to help the women who come after me.



3 thoughts on “international women’s day

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    WOW! When I saw that you had written a mantra to yourself, I knew I wouldn’t dare scroll past something so heartfelt. I imagine you’ll be encouraging your little girl this same way. Beautiful!!!


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