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Why hello there! Um yep, it’s been a while since my last post. I can name a number of excuses…I’ve been trying to spend my spare writing time working toward my dream of writing a novel, I’ve been doing some cleansing and selling of stuff we don’t need, and staying at home full time with a toddler is a lot tougher than I ever thought. Spending the majority of our time in our home is wonderful, but it means 10x the amount of laundry, dishes, spills, messes, dust, dirt, etc. to clean up. I am savoring this time I get to spend with just AJ though and I try my hardest to give her my full attention and make her days fun and stimulating.

Anyway…today I am 28 weeks pregnant and officially in my third and last trimester! I don’t really have any bump updates to report except that baby boy is always on the move in there. We still haven’t done much to prepare, but then again I feel like there is so much less you need to do with your second. We already have most of our baby gear and we have a ton of baby boy clothes courtesy of a wonderful friend. I would like to try to get the kids’ room set up this month (they’ll be sharing) but since he will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first several months I’m not even in a huge hurry to do that. We just need to make a few minor changes – i.e. replace the bright pink rug and girly wall decor.

Left: 28 weeks with AJ (2014)| Right: 28 weeks with baby boy

I really cut back our spending in February and early March but the arrival of spring has got me scrolling the internet making wishlists and sometimes pulling out the ol’ credit card. Here are some things I’m loving lately:

  • Since I’m definitely not in the market for a new bathing suit right now, I’ve been browsing ones for AJ and think these are adorable.
  • Ed Sheeran’s album Divide (why can’t I find the symbol on my computer?). Yes, I know it came out a while ago but I just bought it on iTunes and I’m obsessed.
  • Monogrammed basics, like this rain jacket Chris bought me for my birthday that has come in super handy these past few weeks, and this monogrammed hat. I foresee a lot of unwashed hair/baseball cap wearing this summer… I also wouldn’t mind one of these t-shirts to wear on repeat during those new-baby days.
  • Floral wrap dresses seem to be in for this summer which is a-okay with me because wrap dresses=nursing friendly! Unfortunately all the ones I’ve found are already out of stock :/
  • Maybe it’s the pregnancy, maybe it’s the warm weather coming, maybe it’s just the fact that I love ice cream. Whatever it is, I’ve been wanting frozen sweets a lot lately. I try (sometimes) to indulge with slightly healthier options…I’ve been eating Halo ice cream which is pretty good, but Yasso Greek Yogurt bars are still my tried-and-true favorite.

…and on that note, I think I’ll grab a snack. Happy Saturday, everyone!


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