AJ-isms v2

AJ will be three in a few months, and is full of things to say. The girl loves to talk. She will literally talk herself to sleep at times. She makes a friend anywhere she goes and inspires me with her openness and friendliness.

As with most toddlers, her quips come often and are innocent but hilarious. I find myself texting Chris every day with something funny she’s said. Granted, most of those probably are funny only to me, but such is parenthood. You get your jokes where you can. There are too many to share, but here are a few I’ve remembered to write down:

In the car while mommy was having a bad day:
AJ: Put on Tay Swif’ mommy, it make you happy!
She knows me well.

In the grocery store:
Me: Excuse me, ma’am.
AJ, rather loudly: Dat not a man, dat a girl!
Thank you for making that clear.

When Kanye came on the radio:
Kanye: Get down girl, go ‘head get down.
AJ: Hold on girl I help you get down!

During a diaper change in the men’s room with Chris:
AJ: What your name?
Man washing his hands: …Marcus
AJ: No, dat not your name! Dat a little boy’s name!
For the record, she knows a little boy named Marcus.

Learning to count in Spanish:
AJ: Uno, dos, todays!
Muy bien.

As I tuck her in:
AJ: I need your face, cut it off please.

After some mildew from an Anna (Frozen) bath toy got into the tub:
AJ, disgusted and petrified: ANNA POOPED!!!
As anyone would demand after poop got in their bath, an entirely new one had to be run.

Holding her hands out to me:
AJ: Here’s a present for you mommy.
Me: Thank you! What is it?
AJ: A boogie!
Do you take returns?


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