making it happen

I’m about to start reading this book by Lara Casey and I’m super excited about it. (I started it once before while pregnant, but decided I wanted to wait until LAW was born to read it.) One of her most-used quotes is:

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go DO THEM.”

I have “all those things I’ve always wanted to do.” Things I’ve only shared with my husband, because I’ve been too afraid to share them with anyone else lest I should seem too ambitious, or worse, try and fail. They started as seeds and have been growing in my mind for years. I’ve often found them hard to put into words, but I finally realized it wasn’t the “what” I was struggling with, it was the “when” and the “which.” The “what” has been the same for a long time: build a career as a freelance writer, pursue my PhD, write a novel.

I kept thinking I had to choose one path to take. Since I couldn’t choose, I left myself confused, frustrated, and unable to make progress on any of my goals. I’ve finally decided I don’t need to choose ONE thing. If I want to do all those things, then why not? I just can’t do them all at one time. I had to narrow it down to what I wanted to start on right now.

I’ve decided to start by launching my freelance writing and web consulting career. Maybe I will apply to go back to school this year, maybe I won’t. I will try to complete my novel (historical fiction, of course). There are still a lot of unknowns with both those goals. I won’t put them off forever, but also I know I don’t need to do everything right now. I have two small children, a husband with his own career goals, and a mortgage. I’m loving the time I’ve had to focus on my children. And I love the life Chris and I have built together. The best thing for me right now is to put my Master’s degree and writing skills to good use through freelance work I can do from my home.

With this decision there will be some changes to this site as I mold it from personal blog into a more professional site. In the meantime, if you happen to be looking for someone to do contract writing work or someone with experience with multiple content management systems to help you organize or build your website, please reach out to me 🙂

Here’s to following your dreams!


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