A new addition

We welcomed our newest addition – Landon Arlo – Wednesday, June 28 at 1:30 a.m. He weighed a whopping 9 pounds 7 ounces and measured 20.5 inches. I was lucky to have two healthy and easy pregnancies so I really have nothing to complain about, but the last month of pregnancy is no joke! I … Continue reading A new addition


currently loving

Why hello there! Um yep, it's been a while since my last post. I can name a number of excuses...I've been trying to spend my spare writing time working toward my dream of writing a novel, I've been doing some cleansing and selling of stuff we don't need, and staying at home full time with … Continue reading currently loving

some good news!

Chris, AJ and I are happy to share that our family is growing by one! AJ will be getting a little brother this summer! My due date is July 1, so we aren't sure whether we will have a June or July baby. Needless to say, we are incredibly excited!