What I Do


I love to write. It would be impossible for me to name every single type of work I’ve written or contributed to, but here’s just a few of the things I’ve written: mass emails, corporate announcements, website copy, news releases, blog posts, executive communications, newsletters, web articles, booklets, corporate reports, marketing materials…you get it.

Check my portfolio page for examples of my work and please take a peek at my blog for some more informal, personal examples of my writing style.

Website Consultation and Development

I build, organize and improve websites for my clients using a variety of CMS platforms, incorporating a “clean and simple” approach with website and SEO best-practices. Gone are the days where it was fashionable to have websites with a ton of bells and whistles. Now, consumers want to be able to get the information they need as quickly and simply as they can. Often times, add-on features get in the way more than they impress.

The first step to any successful website is to define the specific goals for the site (hint: “to have one” is not a goal!). Next, I will help you organize your information so that it is intuitive for users. Only necessary information will be included, and redundancy will be eliminated.

I can build or improve your website to meet your specific goals, be user-friendly, intuitive and clean. Along with developing the site, I can provide copy for site pages and blog posts. My extensive experience in many content management systems (CMS) enables me to work on a variety of platforms. I use search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to ensure your site is found in web searches.

Finally, after finishing your site, I will register it with Google and get you set up with Google Analytics so you can track and analyze traffic to your site.

When it comes to websites, I follow the “KISS” model: keep it simple, silly!

Visit my portfolio page to see some of the sites I’ve done.